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Thank You, Saskatoon!

It's time.

Saskatoon is at a tipping point.

People are asking:
Why are taxes going up while our roads, sidewalks, parks, and waterlines decline?
Will there be good jobs in a volatile economic environment?
How can we maintain our strong sense of community and have safe, inclusive neighbourhoods as we grow and change?

These are the questions for our city today.

I am running for Mayor because I know that we have the elements in place to get these answers right for our city of tomorrow. But we won’t get there without a change in leadership and approach.

As a Councillor for ten years I have learned a great deal about how Saskatoon - and other cities – are run. I am proud of my accomplishments as a Councillor but I have also seen too many short term decisions and missed opportunities in this role. I have challenged many decisions and at times have stood alone to fight for a City Hall that is more open and transparent, that gives the most value for your tax dollars, and that thinks about our future as well as our present.

My approach as Mayor will be to mobilize talents within and outside our boundaries. Saskatoon has outstanding thinkers and doers. We need to engage them in taking Saskatoon to a new level of economic, social, cultural, and environmental achievement. We have the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of other cities that developed earlier.

If we do this right, we can have properly-maintained roads and playgrounds in every neighbourhood, a diversified local economy with good jobs, well-designed growth in the core and the suburbs, and opportunities for people of all walks of life to reach their potential.

I want this to be a great city for all our city’s children to grow up in - for my own three children as well as the children from Kerrobert and Sweetgrass and Aleppo who have come here to build their dreams.

Join me, let’s work together to make Saskatoon a great city!